Kashish Manor One Gurgaon

Sector 111

Bedrooms:  2
Bathrooms: 2
Balconies: 3
Area: 1455 Sq ft
Price: Rs.10000000
Floor: 5
Status: Under-Construction
Available For: Sell


After grand success of “Sail City, Ranchi”, Kashish Developers proudly present Manor One located at Sector 111  Gurgaon, right on the Dwarka Expressway, Manor One is just 0 km from Delhi.
Manor One offers 2/2+s/3+s/4+s BHK apartments with ultra-luxurious specifications such as VRV Air-Conditioner, Italian Marble, wooden-flooring etc.

Contact details
Contact Person: Puneet Narang
Contact Number: 9911728735

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