About Us


Realty Portfolio  - A name that you can trust in the real estate industry. We are in this field since 2007 with a mission to provide quality real estate infrastructures like housing, commercial etc. at best price. We have a team of qualified and dedicated professionals with extraordinary zeal to give our customers best-in-class products at the most economical price.

The journey of Realty Portfolio started with the consultancy of real estate and we have the privilege of having a trusted association of reputed builders and customers.

Realty Portfolio has a strong base of dedicated team of experienced professional and supporting staff, who share good rapport with Developers / Owners / Landlords / Investors and are always eager to serve you. 
We earned a good fame in this area by virtue of our commitment to serve customers with utmost transparency and integrity.
Our Vision
Our vision is to be the most influential and respected service provider. Achieving it will require higher levels of passion, performance and professionalism. 

Our Mission

Customer is our key to satisfaction. We maintain an unwavering focus on our customers. Our professional team stand ready to provide integrated investment, transaction and management services. We employ most talented professionals and invest in superior resources and technologies to provide our clients with innovative ideas and management services. Our mission is to be the chosen real estate expert and strategic advisor to the leading owners, occupiers and investors in the country.

We look forward to deepening out client relationships, building new relationships and fulfilling expectations by creating the best opportunities for owners, advisors, developers and corporate clients.

Our Services
We provide assistance in the procurement of Stamp Papers and complete registration process in courts. We also provide document services to the clients which makes the procedure of buying & selling much easier.

  • Corporate leasing
  • Residential leasing
  • Buying/ selling of property
  • Portfolio Management

We acknowledge that out client goes beyond what we aim to manage in terms if their finances and investments. Our services are based up-to-date market research with analysis of important factors such as position, return, growth and income – ensuring you make the most out of your investments.

How Realty portfolio was formed
Realty Portfolio was formed by Mr.Yogi Bajaj with sole vision of taking realty business to the next level. This objective was to achieve with the expertise of group of professionals having deep and intense knowledge of Real Estate Industry.


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